A downloadable Kibus for Windows

You're trapped in an attic, you've been there for weeks, without knowing why, what are you going to do?

Short thriller first person demo where you are in the skin of Mei,  a girl who has been kidnapped and trapped in an attic, the game is finished and have an ending/credits, so go for it.

This game was made for the Creative Games' Game Jam. there will be some bugs, but none of them will stop you to finish the game.

If you could rate me for the jam that would be wonderful ^^.

WASD - Move

Shift - Sprint(Just on the hall)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Daboiowich


Bugs fixed, enemies changed, and better narrative and ending.

Just one bug, maybe you have to try to open doors a few times if at the first time didn't work

Install instructions

Download and extract kibus.zip, then open inside the folder kibus.exe


Kibus.zip 919 MB


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I really liked the game, graphically nice,pretty and stuff, ran smoothly didn’t have any issues starting it.  the game and story itself felt a little inconsistent. Not enough for push the game aside and not give it a try, but definitely felt the game had potential for more story put into it. Keep up the good work, the concept looks fun tbh, the capabilities to makeshift the dreamworlds or “dream sequences?” into any direction could make a that can be a fun project to explore. I made a small playthrough on my 3 horror games it’s the last game of the video, lol I forgot the time stamp for it ^,^! Check it out!

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Great game, really well made. Its weirdly surreal at times and beat me hands down, i had to take the easy way out....

Good job on this game, i enjoyed the creepyness of it repeating ! good job

I was excited to play this, but sadly since it won't open the game for me, I can not experience it for myself, what a shame. If you know how to fix this, please tell me.


Of course! Say me your email or discord and I'll try to help you through there ^^

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My discord is 


Great job, this game was awesome

Realy cool creepy and trippy horror game awesome loved it

Creepy and strange and awesome! Well done! 


hi, big thx for the cool weird game ;) greetings from germany

Fun little game...

Link to my channel (opens in new tab): youtube.com/jonathick

I had a bit too much fun playing with the typewriter...

Cool game. I don't know how many endings there are, but i got two i think.

Played this for a 3 free indie horrors and i gotta say, although this game was very short and the movement speed was horrendously slow, it was the better of the 3 and i enjoy it the most. Has great atmosphere and an interesting story that i would love to see unravelled and touched on more. I'd like to see a much longer game in this style. I won't got into too much detail here, as I give a much better in-depth review in my video. 


This has left me in a twist! Thanks for the fun :) 

Thanks for playing ^^!. Hope you enjoyed and sorry for the bad ending hehe. I really thought that would be cool to do an alternative ending where you escape, but the short time I had didn't let me :c. After  the Game Jam finishes I'll think to update it with some improvements and an alternative ending! Thanks again <3

My full review is at the end of the video.  Nice work!

Thanks for playing Katyfoo! I really appreciated your review at the ending and all you said is right, after the Game Jam I'll try to update it with some improvements, natural footsteps, and a better connected narrative! Thanks again <3

I really had fun plying this game!!! Great graphic and animation that tell a story as you check out different things within. I had lot of fun exploring and try to understand it with my mind. Check out my full review of the game. If you like what i do support your boi by subscribing really appreciated!!

Thanks for playing ^^! Really appreciate you played it and made a review, you won a sub!



Hello! I had a lot of fun with your game, if I had a suggestion,  it would be to add some spooky music near the beginning too,  but otherwise I think you did a great job! Thank you for sharing your art!

Thanks really! Hope you enjoyed and hope you play the updated version which will be up on three/four hours

developer can you change the file from rar file to zip file other wise I'm having hard time downloading and giving review about your game!1 I hope you will fix this error and notify us soon thanks

Sure, on it

Thanks developer really appreciated 

But you're saying that because you want it lighter? In .zip the game is on 900mb.

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I tried to convert the file from rar to zip  using software where you can convert the file. But every time I tried to do that file stop converting and then saying error!! Thats why I was having difficulty downloading your game developer!!  Thanks for trying to help have a nice day!!


Don't see the problem when Winrar is free and basically every computer in the universe should normally have it installed. Winrar works on winzip files, but winzip doesn't work on anything but .zip files.

Okay don't worry, you'll have it today